Resource Facilitation RTC
Promoting “best practices” in brain injury education, resource facilitation and vocational rehabilitation
A brief history of Resource Facilitation in Indiana 2006 to present.
Brain Injury HRSA Grants and Indiana VRS
  • First RCT of Resource Facilitation for Return to Work after Brain Injury

Brain Injury HRSA Grant and Indiana VRS
  • Develop Resource Facilitation Model and Infrastructure
  • Develop VRS Brain Injury Specialists
  • Establish Indiana Brain Injury Leadership Board
  • First Clinical Cohort Study of Resource Facilitation

Second RCT of Resource Facilitation for Return to Work after Brain Injury

Extension of HRSA Grant
  • Established certification and training criteria for Resource Facilitation
  • Development of Northern and Southern Local Support Network Leaders
  • Capacity study of Brain Injury Resources in Northern and Southern Indiana

  • RHI establishes the Resource Facilitation Department to provide State-wide services

Brain Injury HRSA Grant with IDOC
  • Return to work and recidivism in brain injured ex-offenders
  • Education and Training of IDOC staff

Modeling Employment Outcome Six Months and One Year post Resource Facilitation: A Clinical Decision Support System

RHI Resource Facilitation Research and Training Center established
  • IVRS Training
  • Regional Conferences to Build State-wide Capacity in Brain Injury
  • Provider Training in Brain Injury