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3rd Annual RHI Brain Injury &
Resource Facilitation Conference

Our goal at RHI Resource Facilitation is to improve vocational outcomes for individuals with brain injury. Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services has the highest vocational outcomes in the nation. To achieve and sustain these outcomes, the RHI Resource Facilitation department strives to build the capacity of the professionals and community service providers through the State who work with people with brain injury.
Resource Facilitation
The RF Research & Training Center (RTC) was created in 2016 and is a direct result of the RHI Resource Facilitation Department's sucesses in the areas of brain injury and vocational rehabilitation. These successes along with many new requests and opportunities, have led to the creation of the RTC.

In 2018 the RTC was renamed Research, Training & Outcomes Center (RTOC) to emphasis that all three components are intregal to building capacity. Not only is Resource Facilitation evidenced-based -- we have produced the evidence and turned it into practice.

  • Improving outcome for people with brain injury takes a village, a reality that becomes a challenge when resources and capacities may be very limited or absent. As such, our mission is to build statewide and national capacity to achieve evidence-based vocational outcomes for people with brain injury through research, training and education.
Improving Return to Work and Reducing Disability following
Brain Injury through Resource Facilitation
Resource Facilitation (RF) was developed to improve return to work and school after brain injury.  Resource Facilitation maximizes outcome through:
  • Providing brain injury-specific education,
  • Proactively helping the individual identify, obtain, and navigate needed instrumental, brain injury-specific resources and supports; and
  • Ensuring collaboration, integration and coordination between providers and community-based resources.